Stichting Muli Shani Zambia


For the members of the Muli Shani Zambia board, these words of Albert Schweitzer certainly are applicable. As a child Ineke dreamed of becoming a nurse at a missionary in Africa, and Albert Schweitzer was her role model. After her retirement, she pursued her ideals and made some of them come true. Carla and Marije have become doctors and feel, just like Albert Schweitzer, heavily involved with people in less fortunate circumstances.

Believe strongly in your ideals

so the world cannot take them from you

Albert Schweitzer


The foundation Muli Shani Zambia aims for the continuity of the projects not to remain relying on external assistance and help. By ensuring that the necessary conditions are created, the orphanage and elderly home soon will be "self supporting". Independence is strong.

Give the angler a rod instead of fish


Where necessary and possible, the foundation Muli Shani Zambia will invest in the future. This may be done by securing future income, but also by investing in education and training. As such, the Foundation Muli Shani Zambia supported Social Work training for Martha’s daughter Francesca Magawa. Francesca is since qualified to succeed her mother in the future.

What you have learned no one can diminish

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