Stichting Muli Shani Zambia

Ineke ten Cate

Ineke lives in Delden and retired on October 1 in 2004, after working for approximately 40 years in the hospital in Hengelo. She spent the last years working as head outpatient care and was among others responsible for medical interns. This is where she got to know Pauline Borsboom, who immediately stood out by her expertise and enthusiasm. In 1999, Ineke visited Pauline in Zambia and this sparked her taste for more. During her third visit, in 2004, she was introduced to Martha Magawa. Ineke is president and treasurer of the foundation.

Carla ten Cate

Carla woont in den Dolder is sinds 1 september 2010 Specialist Ouderengeneeskunde. Ineke trakteerde Carla in 2002, die in haar propedeuse geneeskunde haalde, op een reis naar het ziekenhuis van Pauline. Ook Carla heeft haar hart verloren in Zambia en zet zich waar ze maar kan in voor het Our Lady’s Hospital en de projecten van Martha Magawa. Ze helpt Ineke met het maken van presentaties, schrijven van projecten en vooral met het maken van plannen. Carla is secretaris en vice-voorzitter van de stichting. 

Marije Kalsbeek

In October 2009 Marije succeeded Brit Vos followed on the board. As a student she did research on malaria in Our Lady's Hospital Chilonga. There she met Pauline, as well as Ineke, Carla and Martha and was immediately struck by their enthusiasm. Two years later, she also did her internship in Chilonga. She has since regularly visited the orphanage and got involved with Martha and her final project. Currently she is General Practitioner in training in Middlesbrough. Marije is a board member and second secretary.

Martha Magawa

Martha is a Zambian woman, widow since 2009 and mother of 12 children of whom two are deceased, unfortunately. Meanwhile, much to her delight, she does have eight grandchildren. From 1996 to 2010 Martha worked as an accountant with the Diocese of Mpika. She is an intelligent, energetic and socially-conscious woman. Already in 2003 she decided that she could no longer stand by while witnessing the suffering of so many children and made an effort towards building the orphanage "Saint Francis Orphanage for the Needy".
Martha is not on the board, but she is the official director of the orphanage.

Pauline Borsboom

Pauline has worked since 1996 as a tropical doctor in the mission hospital Our Lady's Hospital Chilonga at 30 km from Mpika. She received her training in tropical medicine in the Streekziekenhuis Midden Twente, the lead hospital in Hengelo. This is where she met Ineke. Through her contacts with the Diocese of Mpika she was introduced to Martha Magawa, who enthusiastically told her about her plans for starting an orphanage.In the Chilonga hospital Pauline is taking care of sick children at the orphanage. Pauline is not a board member but is a committed aid to the projects with advise and input.


Brit met Ineke and Carla in 2007 in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. She had returned after 30 years to Zambia where she lived as a child a few years, for a holiday. She heard about the orphanage in Mpika and shortly after this meeting also visited the orphanage. She met Martha and was impressed by what was achieved there and decided to dedicate part of her time to the orphans. Brit lives in Drenthe and is a creative person with her own business. She made the first website and was member of the board until October 2009.

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